Taking a Day Off

This week, I wanted to discuss the importance of taking a day off. On Sunday, for the first time in a long time I actually had a "day off". To me a day off is a day when I have no work of any kind scheduled. I can choose to do whatever I want. My day off is also a day I give my competition horse off.

So, a day off means a day where I do not go to the barn. I do not ride, train, or teach lessons. I do not work any other job that day. I strictly enjoy time with my family. This does not happen very often right now, but when it does I really enjoy the time to be unscheduled. 

On my day off I went indoor rock wall climbing with my boyfriend then spent the afternoon at my family's cottage on a lake. 

The necessity of having a day which is unscheduled is huge. A day open from commitments allows anyone, but in particular, an equestrian the chance to plan. The day off allows you to evaluate your riding career, how you want to develop, and what goals you want to set for the future. This is not just something a professional can do. It is something a junior/young rider or adult amateur can accomplish as well. Maybe your dream is to own a horse farm of your own. A day off provides you with the time to start a plan that will decide how you accomplish that goal. Maybe you want to go to Florida and train for a winter season. A day off gives you the opportunity to determine how you can save for that experience. Or, maybe you want to be a working student. A day off can help you compose your resume so you can start applying for working student positions. 

I do not like to waste time. I try to squeeze as much time out of every day that I can from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. However, there is something very liberating about a day during which I choose not to specifically accomplish anything. The day off enables me to spontaneously live, develop new ideas, and compound on plans I have developed. If you choose to take a day to have nothing planned, you may surprise yourself with the opportunities that are available to you when you free yourself of work-related commitments allow yourself a day of rest.  

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Photo credit: Liz Bergren 

Photo credit: Liz Bergren