Two-Tempi Challenge

I am very excited about taking on a fundraising effort for The Dressage Foundation, called the Two-Tempi Challenge! I am currently collecting pledges for this fun effort, in which Reggie and I will perform as many two-tempi changes as we can. The effort will be videotaped and sent to TDF along with donations I collect for my campaign. 

Anyone who wants to support my Two-Tempi Challenge can pledge $5 a flying change (or more if the supporter desires). Once my performance is done, I will total up the number of changes, and let anyone who pledged know the final two-tempi count. I will send in all the donations I collect for my campaign to The Dressage Foundation. 

If Reggie and I make the most two-tempis for the whole year or if I am one of the top fundraisers I could win awards from The Dressage Foundation! Every pledge makes a difference! Please contact me if you want more information or want to make a pledge!