Judges Forum

Today was all about classroom learning! The USEF Judges Forum was held in West Palm Beach and was such a valuable (but long) day. All USEF Judges were invited as were USDF L Graduates. We had so much material to cover that we went nearly an hour over schedule until almost 6PM, whew! Lilo Fore lead the discussion most of the day on judging methodology with Lisa Gorretta elaborating on the technical delegate side of competitions. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the day was when Lisa brought out all the different types of bits and bridles that are legal and illegal. The afternoon was comprised of videos of tests and discussion. Most of the S and R judges offered opinions of the rides we watched, as many were upper level rides. The USDF FEI Trainers Conference is tomorrow and Tuesday.

Since the forum ran over, I was nearly out of daylight by the time I got to the barn. So Bo got a lunge and grooming session before getting tucked in for the evening.