One Tempis

Forgive my hiatus from the blog! Since my last post, I have gone home to teach and train, and am back training in Florida. During my time here, I've been shadowing an equine veterinarian, Dr. Meg Miller Turpin, who specializes in internal medicine. I will do a special post on my time with Dr. Turpin soon, which has been an amazing experience. I continue to train in the saddle and at the gym daily (shout out to Ultima Fitness, which is a seriously great gym with the most friendly staff). 

Today Bo did 7 beautiful one tempis. This horse is really proving he has the brain, body, and boldness to be a Grand Prix horse. It is so fun to enjoy his progress on his back : ). As our time in the sunshine state draws near an end, I am excited about the upcoming show season, clinics in the near future, and all the opportunities that once seemed distant but are now within my grasp.